Equi-N-Ice Cooling Bandages - Single

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Equi-N-Ice Bandages provide a therapeutic Cooling system for horses that uses bandages and a recharge solution, meaning that there is no need for refrigeration.

Equi-N-Ice can be used to speed the recovery of tendon and ligament injury and soreness, by removing heat from the inflamed area quickly and safely.

Once that bandage is taken out of the sealed packet, it can be applied to the area required and will stay cold for up to 2 hours. Once the bandage is no longer cold enough the coolant/recharger is used.  By adding around 80ml of the Equi N ice solution to the bandage and soaking for 30 seconds, the bandage can be fully charged for another use.  

The treated area will drop by 10-15 degree C and stay that way for up to 2-3 hours. It is supplied in the correct concentration for direct application for ease of use and is non-irritant to skin.

Each bandage comes soaked to solution ready to use.

Designed to be applied directly to the horse's leg, the Equi-N-icE Reusable Cooling Bandage provides a much more effective and safer alternative to Ice Packs and other techniques that allow extreme cold temperatures to come into contact with the leg and can cause pain or damage to the injured tissue.



One reusable cotton bandage treated with Equi-N-icE coolant


How to Apply


  • Take the bandage out of the resealable pouch
  • Squeeze excess fluid back into the pouch, bandage should be damp not dripping wet
  • Securely wrap bandage around the leg, following proper wrapping procedure
  • Do not overlap the bandage by more than a third. Doing so will reduce the coolant’s ability to evaporate
  • Fasten the bandage with the self grip strap
  • For best results leave the bandage on for at least 20 minutes


After Use


  • Remove the bandage, roll up and replace into resealable pouch
  • Add 80ml of recharge coolant
  • Seal the pouch and shake briefly
  • Your bandage is now ready for its next use


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