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Horse Quencher is a new product to the UK having been a huge success in the US - across all equestrian disciplines and levels, including the American and Canadian Olympic event riders in Hong Kong. Horse Quencher is an all-natural product that will get your horse drinking immediately. Hydration is important for health and optimal performance - yet many horses refuse to drink when they need to most, especially in times of competition, illness, travelling or stress.

Dehydration can result in muscle damage, reduced kidney function, laminitis, colic, coma and death, or can simply cause a competitive horse to perform less brilliantly. One of Nature's dirty tricks is that a dehydrated horse in distress and in immediate need of water will not drink when it is offered. The reason for this is because when we humans sweat, we sweat mainly water and the salt build-up in our bodies' kicks in our thirst response. When a horse sweats, he loses equal amounts of salt and water, so because there is no salt build-up in his body, his thirst sensors fail to recognise this loss of water. Your horse is not being stubborn - his body is just not giving him an early warning signal to drink.

All the more reason therefore, to get him to drink Horse Quencher is an all-natural blend of ingredients including barley, salt, oats, beet pulp, corn, soybean oil, apple nectar, and a trace amount of molasses (8%), that looks like muesli, and when you add it to a bucket of water, it gets horses drinking immediately.

Not an electrolyte nor a horsey sugary drink, Horse Quencher is a new approach using palatable ingredients with one goal in mind: to get a horse to drink water when you want him to. The ingredients are already found in a horse's diet, and create a product that looks like granola and causes most horses to dive right in when added to a bucket of water.

It is not an electrolyte nor an equine fizzy drink! Horse Quencher was devised by three American lady trail riders with advice from top nutritionist John Fidler. Experimenting with various feeds tossed into water, they eventually hit on a combination that appealed to every horse. From this Horse Quencher was born with one goal in mind: to get horses to drink water when you want them to.

The 'horsey cocktail' was an immediate hit and became a key part of many riders' kits for the Hong Kong Olympics, where there were concerns over the intense summer heat and humidity. Horse Quencher has since been named the Official Hydration Product of the American Endurance Ride Conference, the national governing body for endurance riding in the United States.

Word is now spreading rapidly about this answer to age-old concerns over getting horses to drink enough water to keep them happy and healthy, especially in times of sickness, travel, heavy exertion or stress when they can often reject water no matter how thirsty or needy they may be. We've all had 'you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink' deeply ingrained in us. All those years spent shoving buckets of water under our horses' noses at events, and them dripping with sweat, and still giving us the evil eye and snatching their heads away.

Well, the old saying no longer applies. Now there's a new mantra? 'HorseQuencher - you lead 'em to water, we'll make 'em drink'

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