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NAF Electro Salts is a balanced combination of the four essential salts (sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride and magnesium) in combination with a dextrose base to aid efficient absorption. NAF Electro salts should be fed following any hard work, or regularly during hot weather.

NAF Electro Salts can be easily fed in feed or dissolved in water (make sure there is normal water available too). Electrolytes are necessary because when horses sweat they lose equal amount of the essential salts and water, therefore the thirst response is not triggered (as it is in humans) when the body starts to become dehydrated.

It is essential, therefore that electrolytes are fed to ensure that the horse rehydrates, thus preventing damage to cartilage, muscle and bone and to reduce the chances of a reduction in performance.

Feed NAF Electro salts daily at a rate of 1 - 4 scoops per day, whilst the horse is required to perform optimally it may be necessary to feed 2 scoops (15g each) per 100 kg bodyweight.

Can be given in drinking water or in feed.

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