EquiAmi Lunging and Riding Training Aid

EquiAmi Lunging and Riding Training Aid

Get Ready for Show Season with the EquiAmi Lunging Training Aid for Horses and Ponies

EquiAmi Riding Aid  EquiAmi Lungng Aid  EquiAmi lungng and riding aid

The EquiAmi Lunging Training Aid is a completely new concept in training aids. A lunge aid that does not fix the horse’s head into position but encourages self carriage AND it really works!

When we ride our horses, we ride in a loop. This loop gives and takes with the horse as he/she lengthens, shortens and moves with the horse around turns and circles to keep a soft, consistent contact. We are taught that in order to have softness and acceptance in the horse, we need to keep a soft, consistent contact with the horse via the communication loop. When there is tension or rigidity in the loop caused by fixing hands or tight arms, we are met with resistance and tension in the horse

We lunge our horses to help build up their musculature and fitness in order to improve their performance under saddle, yet when we lunge we generally put them in a training aid the places them in some sort of restraint by fixing or applying pressure. This is the opposite of what we want to achieve under the saddle. It is more logical to lunge the horse in a training aid that works in a similar way to the way we ride them, to encourage a soft, equal contact and to discourage leaning and resistance.

The EquiAmi lunge aid is so effective because the horse is unable to lean on the training aid. As soon as he tries to lean, the self-centering loop tightens around the back of his legs. To release the pressure he needs to carry himself. Similarly if he falls out behind and doesn’t work with his legs under himself the aid tightens, thus to release he needs to work and carry himself.

To use the EquiAmi training aid on the lunge you will need a roller, snaffle bridle, lunge cavesson and lunge rein. 20 minutes twice a week is all you need to see results and the major advantage is that if you need to shorten the training aid, unlike side reins, you only need to adjust one side as the EquiAmi self-centres itself.

Correct use of the EquiAmi Lungeing aid encourages the horse to work in a soft, round outline with engagement of the hind quarters. The use of pressure and release, that the horse is in full control of, creates a reward system that is very effective and teaches the horse to shorten and carry himself with minimal intervention from the handler. The EquiAmi helps the horse to develop an improved muscle profile and topline through hindquarter engagement and is suitable for use on horses at all stages of training.

The standard EquiAmi lunging aid comprises a webbing chest piece, the two colour coded sections of the lunging loop with extenders for extra large horses, an instruction booklet that explains how to fit and use the aids all in a hessian storage bag.

One size to fit from approx 13.2 hands to extra large large 17.2 hands.