# Horse Fleece & Cooler | Cooler Blanket with Neck #

Coolers & Fleeces

When your horse works up a sweat during a strenuous workout it's important not to leave him out in the paddock to dry off, particularly in cold and windy weather, or he could end up with aches, pains or illnesses.
The answer is to make sure your horse has a cooler - basically a loosely fitted blanket made of an absorbent material such as fleece or wool - to make sure he dries off quickly and stays warm while doing so.
Cooler rugs come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, all acting by wicking away the moisture from the horse's hot body. They can also double as travel rugs or show rugs.

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  • Hy StormX Original Mesh Cooler Rug - Navy
  • Le Mieux Carbon Cooler Rug
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  • Le Mieux Four Seasons Neck Covers - All Colours
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  • Le Mieux Four Seasons Rugs - Burgundy
  • Rhinegold CellTex Cooler Rug - Navy
  • Shires Fleece & Mesh Cooler Rug
  • Shires Jersey Cooler Rugs black
  • Shires Newmarket Fleece Rugs
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  • Waffle Weave Super Cooler Rug