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As any rider knows, the style and fit of the saddle is vital at the time of riding for ensuring comfort, balance and best performance for yourself and your mount, no matter what the discipline, from leisurely hacking to eventing or top competition.
Just as important is the wide range of complementary saddlery we have available to ease your seat, particularly saddlecloths, pads and numnahs of various shapes, sizes, materials and types.
Well chosen saddle pads can improve the fit of a saddle, but their main purpose is to reduce the friction between saddle and horse and act as a shock absorber to limit fatigue for the horse's back muscles.
When it comes to girths, most are elasticated at one or both ends, made of synthetic material which is durable, affordable and easy to clean. Lambskin or sheepskin girth covers are available online for sale to prevent chafing if sensitive spots come to light.
Stirrup leathers certainly don't have to be made of traditional leather, nor stirrup irons made of iron, if you want to saddle-up in style. Synthetic leathers are non-stretch and an affordable option. We have stainless steel stirrups with weighted bases, and even durable, strong plastic ones, made fun with interchangeable tread colours.

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  • Acavallo Ortho Coccyx Gel Out Jump Seat Saver
  • Acavallo Ortho Coccyx Gel Out Dressage Seat Saver
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  • Acavallo Ortho Coccyx Dressage Gel In Seat Savers black
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  • Acavallo Opera Stirrup Irons - Black or Brown
  •  Acavallo Gel Out Cusion Ride Seat Savers
  • Woof Wear Vision Dressage Pads - All Colours champagne
  • Woof Wear Vision Close Contact Pads ocean
  • Shires Aubrion Team Saddle Carry Bags - Navy
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  • Ascot Stirrup Leathers - Adult's  black and brown
  • Ascot Stirrup Leathers - Youth's  black and brown
  • Ascot Stirrup Leathers - Children's
  • JHL Stirrup Leathers - Youth 48"