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Horse Licks

Horse licks should not be regarded as a treat - they are a necessity for many hard-working horses and ponies to balance nutritional deficiencies in forage and grazing, and can be a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to balance the diet.
In addition, licking stimulates the production of saliva, helping keep the gut healthy.
Another good reason for offering horse licks is to help avoid a horse suffering stress and boredom if he is stabled for a long period.
Carefully formulated horse licks from top manufacturers are available to keep your horse happy and in tip-top condition.

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  • Brinicombe Equine

    Brinicombe HerbiLIX Airways Horse Licks - 8kg

  • Brinicombe Equine

    Brinicombe Herbilix Flystop Licks

    £33.56 - £70.06
  • Equus Health

    Equus Health Himalayan Salt Licks - All Sizes

    £3.76 - £8.78
  • Hilton Herbs

    Hilton Herbs Himalayan Rock Salt Licks on a Rope

    £4.00 - £9.36
  • Horslyx

    Horslyx Garlic Horse Lick - All Sizes

    £4.51 - £34.51
  • Horslyx

    Horslyx Mobility Horse Lick - All Sizes

    £16.76 - £34.51