# Horse Riding Spurs | Equestrian/Dressage Spurs #


Spurs are artificial training aids like whips and crops, designed as a back up to the natural processes of controlling your horse with your seat, legs, hands and voice.
Spurs come in various designs and materials, all designed to amplify the cues you give your horse with your legs as to whether he should proceed, turn or so on. Modern spur styles, such as ball ended, roller and Prince of Wales, are intended to apply gentle encouragement rather than potentially injurious jabs.

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  • Cottage Craft Crystal Rounded End Spurs
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  • Cottage Craft Prince of Wales Spurs Pack - Mens 15mm
  • Dever English Leather Spur Straps - Adults
  • Dummy Spurs - Ladies
  • Lorina Ladies Dressage Spurs - 35mm
  • Nylon Spur Straps - Black - ONe Size
  • Plastic Roller Ball Spurs - Adults
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  • Shires Ball Ended Spurs - Adults
  • Shires Ball Ended Spurs - Childs (700)
  • Shires Leather Spur Straps
  • Shires Prince of Wales Spurs - Ladies (698)
  • Shires Prince of Wales Spurs - Mens