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Skin Care

The goal of any horse owner is to have an animal in fine fettle with clear skin and shiny coat. Horses, though are prone to numerous skin problems, such as parasites, rain rot and types of dermatitis.
Skin care is thus vital, starting from within - a good diet of grain and greens can be supplemented with things like flax seed or fish oil to promote healthy skin.
On the outside, good skin care starts with vigorous, regular grooming to stimulate the oils in the skin.
While grooming it is possible to detect any skin problems, hopefully before they get too bad, and then various remedies and treatments can be applied.
We stock a wide range of top products to both prevent and tackle various skin ailments.

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  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Sunburn Soother - 250ml

  • Carr & Day & Martin

    Carr & Day & Martin Protection Plus - 500ml

  • Equimins

    Equimins Udder Cream

    £7.76 - £29.51
  • Equine America

    Equine America Fungatrol Spray

    £12.01 - £15.00
  • Equus Health

    Equus Health Arnica Cream

    £11.71 - £19.81
  • Equus Health

    Equus Health Calendula Cream

    £11.71 - £19.81