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Headcollars and Halters

The first criteria to look for in choosing your horse's headcollar or halter is comfort and fit. He's going to be wearing this piece of equine apparel mainly while at rest or while tethered (except perhaps during lunging) so he'll need it to be as cosy as a pair of slippers!
An adjustable headcollar or halter is useful to ensure a good fit - too tight and it can rub and cause injury; too loose and it could slip off or become caught on hedges or fence posts.
On the practical front there are many choices of material, from traditional leather to nylon or just plain rope. Durability depends on when, where and how you are going to use the headcollar, and how well you care for it. Leather is stylish for shows, nylon gives you colour options to match rugs and other equipment, rope is lightweight. We have here multiple options for sale from which you can choose one that best suits our needs.

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  • Hand Made English Leather Headcollars - Red
  • Equilibrium Stellar Safety Headcollar
  • Le Mieux Comfort Fleece Headcollars black/natural
  • Hy Leather Foal Slips


    Hy Leather Foal Slips

    £10.00 - £10.01
  • Shires Topaz Headcollars PINK


    Shires Topaz Headcollars - All Sizes

    £14.99 - £18.99
  • Heritage English Leather Headcollar

    Heritage Bridles

    Heritage English Leather Headcollar

  • Hand Made English Leather Reindeer Headcollars
  • Hand Made English Leather Donkey Head Collar

    Frome Saddlery

    Hand Made English Leather Donkey Head Collar

    £75.01 - £90.00
  • Le Mieux Vogue Fleece Headcollars azure

    Le Mieux

    Le Mieux Vogue Fleece Headcollars - All Colours

    £21.95 - £22.95
  • Le Mieux Padded Anatomic Leather Headcollars
  • EzyLoader Headcollar Adapter for Reluctant Horses
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  • Hy Padded Leather Headcollars - All Sizes