Chaps & Gaiters

An affordable and practical alternative to long riding boots, half chaps and gaiters available in children's sizes are a good investment.
Half chaps and gaiters for young riders are comfortable, and easy to clean, protecting the jodhpurs from snags and tears while riding out, and from rubbing on the stirrup leathers. They look good too! You can scan through through our collection of kid's horse riding chaps & gaiters, you should visit totally tack. We are a reputable online platform that allows you to buy kids horse riding chaps and gaiters. Choose what suits your children's style and watch them become stlyish and skilled equestrians.

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  • Tagg Funnell Soft Leather Gaiters - Ladies Extra Small
  • Shires Shires Moretta Suede Half Chaps - Childs


    Shires Moretta Suede Half Chaps - Childs

    £22.99 - £26.99
  • Dever Dever/Castle Amara Childrens Half Chaps
  • Shires Shires Synthetic Leather Gaiters - Childs 9619c
  • Shires Shires Moretta Amara Half Chaps - Childs