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Training Aids

Horse training equipment in the hands of experienced riders is vital for encouraging horses to work more effectively, correct bad habits and improve muscle tone.
Whether lunging or ridden training aids are used, be careful to make sure you know the effects of the action on the horse, and the amount of pressure that will be brought to bear, to ensure the horse does not become stressed physically or mentally.
We stock only the best horse training equipement, such as the unique Equi Ami system, based on the principle of the "self-centering loop".

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  • Frome Saddlery

    English Leather Daisy Reins

    £39.99 - £40.00
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  • Shires

    Shires Daisy Reins - Black

  • Shires

    Shires Harbridge Training Aids

    £12.51 - £15.00