# Hay Rack for Horses, Hay Net and Hay Holder Bags for Sale #

Haynets and Hay Racks

The horse's digestive system is designed to have food move through it continuously. Ideally your horse would be grazing on pasture with access to forage 24 hours a day. The reality is that this natural way of feeding is not always possible, so using haynets and hay racks with appropriate sized mesh is a good way to control the rate at which he consumes his forage.
The top manufacturers of haynets and racks have researched the optimum mesh size for feeders to cut down on wastage and consumption time. Haynets are not only an economical way to provide hay, but also relieve boredom and help to avoid gastro-intestinal problems.

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    Cottage Craft

    Cottage Craft Large Haynets

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    Cottage Craft Standard Haynets

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    Cottage Craft

    Cottage Craft Yard Knife

  • KM Elite

    Elim A Net Hay Nets for Greedy Horses & Ponies

    £11.71 - £13.46
  • Moorland Rider

    Moorland Rider Bale Carry

  • Moorland Rider

    Moorland Rider Hay Carry

  • Parallax Plastics

    Parallax Hay Play Balls - All Colours