# Find the Best Equine Tools for Massage | Horse Magnetic Therapy #

Massage and Magnetic Therapies

The therapeutic value of magnets has been recognised for thousands of years, and they are today widely used for horses to ease conditions such as arthritis, bruising, stiffness and muscle pain.
By increasing blood flow and thus oxygen distribution in the body, magnetic therapy has been shown to help healing and facilitate detoxification, generally boosting health and well being.
There are various magnetic therapeutic pads, mitts and leg wraps available for horses which combine magnetism with a vibrating massage action.
Electronic massage devices and new technology such as ceramic textiles are also very helpful in providing relief for horses.

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  • Cottage Craft

    Cottage Craft Magnetic Massage Mitt

    £4.50 - £5.00
  • Quick view


    Equilibrium Massage Mitts

  • Hilton Herbs

    Hilton Herbs Muscle Magic Massage Cream

    £9.99 - £26.81
  • Hy

    HY Magnetic Massage Mitt