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Gag bits work in situations where tight control of a strong and/or excitable horse by the rider is necessary, so they are frequently used in polo, cross-country and show-jumping.
Gag bits work by putting pressure on the horse's lips and poll simultaneously, and can be used with two sets of reins, resulting in a raised head.
Buy from our vast range of gag bits available from top suppliers such as Neue Schule and Shires, with designs encompassing different severity levels.

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  • Dever Tom Thumb with Copper Lozenge
  • Lorina French Link 3 Ring Gag
  • Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Universal Bits
  • Neue Schule Turtle Top Universal Bit
  • Dever Apple Mouth 3 Ring Gag with Roller
  • Dever Jointed Beval Bit
  • Dever Sweet Iron 2 Ring Jointed Gag
  • Dever Full Cheek Cheltenham Gag with Roller (Colne)
  • Dever Loose Ring Running Gag with Cherry Rollers
  • Dever Waterford 2 Ring Gag
  • Shires Sweet Iron 3 Ring Gag (503A)
  • Happy Mouth 2 Ring Gag with Roller (HB2821)