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Studding certainly gives you the edge in competition particularly in wet conditions on grass, and increases the horse's confidence in all schooling and working situations.
We supply all the studs you need (including starter kits) to put you on the track to a more positive riding experience, once you have consulted with your farrier to have the appropriate stud holes inserted in your horse's shoes.
Useful accessories such as magnetic wrist bands, stud spanners, thread cleaners and stud hole plugs will prolong the life of your studs and improve their efficiency.

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  • Le Mieux

    LeMieux Stud Plugz

  • Liveryman

    Liveryman Stud Kit

  • Rescue Studs

    Rescue Studs - Type P

  • Shires

    Shires Stud Kits

  • Shires

    Shires Studs - Type A

  • Shires

    Shires Studs - Type B

  • Shires

    Shires Studs - Type C