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Bit Accessories

The choice and correct use of bits probably gives rise to more discussion and debate in horse circles than any other topic.
All parts of the horse's mouth are extremely sensitive, and the effect of the bit is vitally important for the behaviour, performance, health and nature of the horse.
We have a range of bit accessories available, including gag cheeks, rubber bit guards, bit straps and more, which have various functions and uses for bettering the bit - from positioning it to guarding the mouth parts and cheeks.

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  • Acavallo

    Acavallo Gel Bit Guards

  • Horse Health

    Bit Wash - Bit Cleaning Kit

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  • Frome Saddlery

    English Leather Lip Straps

  • Frome Saddlery

    English Leather Rope Gag Cheeks

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    Frome Saddlery

    Leather Curb Chain Guards