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Shows tend to sneak up on you, so leave plenty of time to get your horse into top condition. Help is at hand from our huge range of top branded products, designed and formulated to turn your horse into a shining show star, but remember no amount of grooming and investment in products will make up for poor feed, exercise programme and general health care.
Vigorous daily grooming will build up a natural shine in the weeks leading up to show time, and if he's turned out in the sunshine a sheet will protect his coat from sun damage, and help keep the hair laying flat.
A day or two before the show is the time to remedy any stains or damage, clip hair , shampoo, and apply conditioner and coat polishers. Last minute touch ups can include applying highlighter, hoof polish, coat spray and perhaps a touch of fly repellent.

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  • Supreme Heritage Whitening Wood Flour

    Supreme Products

    Supreme Heritage Whitening Wood Flour

    £10.62 - £33.57
  • Lincoln Concealer Spray for Horses


    Lincoln Concealer Spray for Horses

  • Glamourati Glitter Quarter Mark Stencil - Christmas Tree
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  • Le Mieux Perfect Cover Foundation Spray
  • Le Mieux Time to Shine Finishing Spray
  • Le Mieux On the Hoof - Hoof Oil Spray
  • Smart Grooming Super Blue Whitening Powder - 30g
  • Smart Grooming Leg and Body Whitening Powder - 1kg
  • Smart Grooming Show Make Up - All Colours
  • Smart Grooming Quarter Mark Spray - 500ml
  • Smart Grooming Enhancing Gloss - 100g
  • Smart Grooming Gloss and Go Spray - 500ml