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Breathing and Airways

Horses and ponies are susceptible to various conditions that affect the airways.
The causes of respiratory problems in a horse are many and varied, from infections and allergies to physical defects. Tell-tale signs are coughing, wheezing or a nasal discharge.
As is generally the case with all the ailments related to horses, prevention is better than cure, and there are many preparations available both to treat and prevent equine breathing conditions.
Where possible we prefer natural, herbal-based remedies to assist your horse to breathe easy. Choose with confidence from our selection of tried and trusted formulations to aid in treating conditions and maintaining respiratory health.

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  • Animal Health Company

    Animal Health No Wheeze Liquid

    £23.95 - £98.00
  • Dodson and Horrell

    Dodson and Horrell Breathe Free - 1kg

  • Equine America

    Equine America Airways Liquid

  • Equine America

    Equine America Pollen Eze - 500g

  • Equine America

    Equine America Ventilator - 500g

  • Freestep

    Freestep Respirease Breathing Supplement

    £35.01 - £52.00