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Ideally horses should be groomed daily. They should also be groomed both before and after being worked if possible, in order to keep them comfortable and healthy - and, of course, pretty!
The benefits of regular, proper grooming are maintenance of a healthy skin and coat; decrease in the chance of developing skin problems or infections from undetected scratches; avoiding dirt chafing under areas of tack; and - last but not least - to ensure a good relationship between horse and handler.
The basic tools for grooming have changed little over centuries, except for the fact that nowadays most brushes, curry combs and sweat scrapers are made of pliable plastic rather than metal, to avoid hurting the animal or damaging bony areas.
Sponges, cloths, clippers and various other implements are all also essentials for the grooming kit.
Our selection of grooming aids includes bags and ready-made kits, as well as mane trimmers and plaiting bands. Browse through our complete range of equine grooming kits to get the best products and supplies.

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  • Hy Equestrian Chico the Cheetah Grooming Bag
  • EquiShine Plaiting Apron Pro
  • EquiShine Pro Quarter Marks Grooming Brush
  • EquiShine Pro Finish Grooming Brush
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  • EquiShine Pro Flick Grooming Brush
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  • EquiShine Pro Dust Grooming Brush
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  • Equine Products Hoof Health Spray - 600ml
  • Equine Products Farriers Friend Hoof Oil - All Sizes

    Equine Products

    Equine Products Farriers Friend Hoof Oil - All Sizes

    £17.62 - £165.25
  • Hy Equestrian Thelwell Collection Grooming Bag
  • Hy Little Rider Unicorn Complete Grooming Kit Rucksack
  • Smart Grooming Plaiting Apron Set

    Smart Grooming

    Smart Grooming Plaiting Apron Set

  • Shires EZI-GROOM Deluxe Grooming Box