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Horse Bits are the means by which the rider communicates with the horse, especially as to direction and speed, so we've given a great deal of attention to this crucial piece of equine equipment, ensuring our range includes all the main types, models and materials available online for sale from which you can buy various types of bits.

Generally speaking there are five different types of bit: snaffles (such as French link bits), double bits, gags, Pelhams and Hackamores (bitless bits). Each directs the horse in different ways, by having an effect on areas such as the corners, roof or bars of the mouth, the tongue, side of the face, chin groove, nose, or poll.

The material from which bits are made varies and the choice depends on several factors, including the taste of the horse. There are, for example, bits incorporating stainless steel, nickel, copper, sweet iron, rubber and plastic.

We are also pleased to stock a selection of innovative, ergonomically designed Neue Schule Salox bits, made of a unique warm, soft metal that promotes salivation and bit acceptance.

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  • Acavallo

    Acavallo Gel Bit Guards

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    Acavallo Sensitive Bit

  • Lorina

    American Gag

  • Horse Health

    Bit Wash - Bit Cleaning Kit

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  • Lorina

    Copper Roller Dee Bits

    £23.00 - £24.99
  • Cottage Craft Copper Enriched 3 Ring Gag with Elliptical Link