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Keeping your chickens chirpy requires keeping an eye out for signs of disease of parasitic infestation.
We're pleased to stock a range of natural supplements from Global Health which will keep chickens in top condition and help prevent harmful and uncomfortable infestation of lice and mites.
The Northern Fowl Mite, which lives under the tail of the bird, for example, is a potentially fatal bloodsucker, as is the red mite which hides in cracks and crevices in the chicken run by day and feeds on the birds at night.
Scaly leg mite is another "nasty" which causes irritation and discomfort for the bird.

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  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray - 400ml

  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Red Mite Powder for Poultry

    £12.51 - £83.61
  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Red Mite X Concentrate

    £17.66 - £104.51
  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Scaly Leg Ointment - 400ml

  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Scaly Leg Spray - 500ml

  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier V1 Poultry House Disinfectant

    £29.26 - £114.76
  • Battles

    Battles Poultry Drink

    £5.14 - £6.75