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Exercise Boots

Having your horse correctly booted up for your riding activity is important, but it can be confusing making a choice from the wide range of horse boots available.
You can't go wrong with brushing boots, which are general purpose, designed primarily to protect the horse's legs from injuries that could be sustained when one of its own legs brushes against an opposite leg while working, schooling or hacking.
Tendon boots (front legs) and fetlock (hind legs) boots offer support for tendons and ligaments in high impact equine activity like showjumping.
Rubber overreach boots that fit around the hoof are commonly used in jumping, working in mud, lunging or cross-country to make sure that if the hind legs overreach and make contact with the front legs injury will not result. They are particularly useful when the horse is wearing studs.
There are other protective boots for various purposes, such as travel boots for trailering, knee cap boots to safeguard the vulnerable knee joint, hock boots and so on.
We stock a wide range of horse boots from top manufacturers such as Equilibrium, Shires and Le Mieux in a range of materials, all designed to protect your horse's precious legs and hooves comfortably and stylishly.

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