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Grooming Brushes

There are simply hundreds of varieties of horse grooming brushes on the market today, all aimed at doing the same job - keeping your horse curried and brushed into sleek, shiny condition.
Children with their first grooming kits enjoy bright coloured synthetic brushes, while experienced adults might prefer more traditional natural-bristled brushes. The choice should depend equally on what suits the horse and his coat, and what suits the groomer in the way of style and substance.

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  • Borstiq

    Borstiq Banana Dandy Brush

  • Borstiq

    Borstiq Goat Hair Body Brushes - All Sizes

    £9.95 - £14.95
  • Borstiq

    Borstiq Shaped Arenga Brush

  • Borstiq

    Borstiq Shaped Medium Brush