Dogs and horses have a great deal in common when it comes to their relationship with humans, and therefore we couldn't resist adding a category for canines to our online equestrian store!
Just like horses, dogs have been employed to work for us for thousands of years (as hunters, herders, guardians and the like), and of course we treasure their companionship as pets. Also like horses, dogs are groomed to perfection for showing, and perform in the arena in obedience trials.
Most of all, there are not many horse owners out there who don't also own a dog ... so we figured why not be able to spoil all your four-legged friends at the same time when you shop at Totally Tack? You can browse through our collection of canine supplies and find the best dog accessories, grooming kits and health products online.

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  • Caldene Black Label Comfort Bridle with Grackle Noseband - Brown Full