Headcollars & Leadropes

Like all tack, headcollars, halters and lead reins need to be tough and durable enough to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, but comfortable and good-looking when worn by the horse.
We have a wide range of top quality headcollars available, in both leather and fabric, to suit all purposes and pockets.
Leather remains a popular choice for headcollars and lead reins, because of its supple softness and smart look. Headcollars made from nylon webbing are great for everyday wear, and offer various colour options for fashion-conscious horse-lovers who like to colour-coordinate their horse or pony. Nylon is probably also a good choice for a turnout collar, as leather might suffer in the elements.
When choosing a headcollar make sure you get the size right, and that it is adjustable for a comfortable fit. Padding is good to ensure that the headcollar does not cause any friction points.
Our range of lead ropes includes a variety from high class leather show leads from Caldene, to strong multi-coloured Cottage Craft cotton ropes for everyday use. Whether you are looking for headcollars or leadropes for your horse or your pony, we are sure you find the right products here.

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