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Cribbing Prevention

There is ongoing debate and research into why some horses are addicted to cribbing - fastening their teeth onto objects and sucking in wind, sometimes as much as 18 times a minute while stabled.
While the cause still eludes us, the effect is very obvious and unpleasant. Cribbing causes damage to stables and fences, wears down the horse's teeth, and can cause the horse to chronically lose weight if he spends more time cribbing than eating.
There are various products available to help with cribbing prevention, most in the form of specially formulated nasty-tasting sprays, ointments and paints that can be applied to objects to put the cribbing horse off of using them for his habit.
We also stock cribbing collars, which are effective in stopping the addiction if used together with good management strategies to reduce stress, hunger and boredom, which have been found to contribute to cribbing problems.

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    Hydrophane Cribox - All Sizes

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