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Rug Linings

When you have a big day out at the competition or show coming up, it's easy to keep your horse or pony in tip-top condition - clean as a whistle with shiny coat - by using a Lycra stretch body suit, with or without a neck or full face cover.
Horses don't find these protective stretch body rugs intrusive or too hot, as long as they fit well.
Fleece liners are useful for layering, allowing you to adjust the level of warmth your horse needs either outdoors or in the stall in cool weather.
We also cater for your horse's comfort with a selection of anti-rub vests, protecting the shoulders or chest from chafing under turnout and stable rugs.

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  • Bossy Bibs Anti Rub Vests navy blue bib

    Bossy Bibs

    Bossy Bibs Anti Rub Vests

  • Le Mieux

    Le Mieux Anti Rub Bibs - All Sizes

    £32.96 - £34.97
  • Masta Lycra Anti Rub Shoulder Vests black
  • Shires

    Shires Stretch Body Rug - Blue

  • Shires

    Shires Stretch Lycra Hoods - Blue

    £40.00 - £43.00
  • Shires

    Shires Warma Rug Liners - 100g & 200g

    £40.00 - £50.00