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Immunity and Detox

Horses have a very complex immune system, which needs to be in tip-top condition to defend the body against disease and infection.
The health of the immune system of a horse can be affected by all sorts of factors, such as stress levels, exercise regime, and age. Just like humans the body of a horse depends on the correct nutrients to support the immune system.
Research has identified some of the vital nutrients - including minerals, herbs and vitamins - which support a horse's immune system in different ways.
To be certain the feed you are giving your horse contains the right amounts of these vital nutrients it's wise to use commercially available, specially formulated feed supplements to balance the rations.

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  • Global Herbs

    Global Herbs ImmuPlus Powder - All Sizes

    £23.40 - £105.00
  • Global Herbs

    Global Herbs Restore Liver Tonic and Detox Liquid

    £21.50 - £175.00
  • Global Herbs

    Global Herbs Restore Liver Tonic and Detox Powder

    £21.50 - £96.00
  • Hilton Herbs

    Hilton Herbs DeTox Gold Liquid

    £25.01 - £113.01
  • Hilton Herbs

    Hilton Herbs Echinacea Root

  • Hilton Herbs

    Hilton Herbs Equimmune Gold Liquid - All Sizes

    £27.51 - £123.01
  • Hilton Herbs

    Hilton Herbs Equimmune Immunity Formula

    £25.01 - £112.01
  • Hilton Herbs

    Hilton Herbs Rest and Recover Gold for Box Rest

    £27.51 - £123.01
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  • James Hart

    James Hart AllergAllay Solution - All Sizes

    £24.96 - £46.96