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Leather Care and Tack Cleaning

Your leather tack represents a big investment, so you obviously want to take good care of it so that it serves you well for as long as possible.
You also need to keep your leather clean and conditioned for reasons of hygiene and your horse's health and comfort.
Most riders will admit that they SHOULD clean their tack after every ride, but realistically few of us do. However a good wipe-down after each outing and a thorough regular care regime is vital.
There are hundreds of great leather care products on the market that make tack care far easier to accomplish than it was in the good old days, with far less elbow grease involved!
Basic saddle soap is still a good standby when it comes to deep-cleaning, using a sponge or in severe cases a small brush.
If your leather has dried after being wet, or seems brittle and "thirsty", conditioning will bring it back to life. Use products specially made for the purpose and/or rub with neatsfoot oil, buffing off the excess.
With so many different products available for leather care and cleaning, it is best to read through all the options and decide which appeals to you best as regards ingredients and functionality. Go through our collection of horse tack cleaners and other cleaning supplies and find all the products that you need to clean your tack.

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  • Effax Leather Lacquer - 250ml
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    Effax Boot Miracle - All Sizes

    £7.11 - £10.90
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    Le Mieux

    Le Mieux Tack Cleaning Bag - All Colours

    £14.95 - £16.50
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    Bit Wash - Bit Cleaning Kit

  • Gold Label Dubbin - 200g

    Gold Label

    Gold Label Dubbin - 200g

  • Effax Leather Care Kit
  • Le Mieux WoolWash - 1 litre