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Time spent confined in the stable need not lead to boredom, stress or indulging in bad habits like cribbing and biting. You can ensure your horse is kept healthy and happy by practicing good management, and that goes beyond just mucking out and feeding.
Regular exercise, of course, is key to keeping your horse entertained and stimulated, but when he is stabled it helps to make sure he has a companion close by to interact with, bearing in mind that horses are social animals. Even putting on a radio in the stable seems to help, according to some owners.
We recommend introducing an element of fun by treating your horse or pony to some toys that are guaranteed boredom breakers! The toys we have chosen are specially designed to enrich the stable environment and although they do have a entertaining and amusing aspect, their purpose is far from frivolous. Browse through our collection of stable supplies that include equipment and accessories that will keep boredom at bay.

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  • Carrot Ball


    Carrot Ball

  • Bizzy Ball Sponge Refresh Kit
  • Silvermoor Swingers Horse Ball Treats - grass

    Silvermoor Haylage

    Silvermoor Swingers Horse Ball Treats - 1kg

    £4.13 - £4.79
  • Silvermoor Swinger Rope Kits

    Silvermoor Haylage

    Silvermoor Swinger Rope Kits

  • STUBBS Trigger Hook On Wall Plate
  • Likit Starter Set clear glitter


    Likit Starter Set

  • Shires Hay Ball Spare Cap
  • Shires Hay Ball


    Shires Hay Ball

  • Parallax Hay Play Balls - All Colours

    Parallax Plastics

    Parallax Hay Play Balls - All Colours

  • Bizzy Bites Stable Toy Wall Brackets

    Bizzy Bites

    Bizzy Bites Stable Toy Wall Brackets

  • Idolo Tether Safety Tie
    Quick view
  • Horsemen's Pride Jolly Ball Horse Toy - Scented