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Hoof picks - no matter what size, shape or colour - are an essential part of your grooming kit. Ideally you need more than one or even two ... they should be freely available and to hand for regularly cleaning debris out of your horses' hooves in the interests of hoof health. Browse through our collection of horse hoof picks and the other hoof essentials to maintainoptimal hoof health for your horses.

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  • Hy Little Unicorn Children's Hoof Pick
  • Equine Products Hoof Health Spray - 600ml
  • Equine Products Farriers Friend Hoof Oil - All Sizes

    Equine Products

    Equine Products Farriers Friend Hoof Oil - All Sizes

    £17.62 - £165.25
  • Lincoln Hoof Oil Spray - 400ml
  • HyShine Deluxe Wooden Hoof Pick & Brush
  • Borstiq Hoof and Bucket Scrub Brush
  • Borstiq Hoof Oil and Clipper Brush
  • Borstiq Stubby Hoof Pick and Brush
  • Borstiq Barefoot Hoofpick Hoof Brush
  • NAF Paint It Hoof Polish - Clear or Black
  • Wahl Hoof Pick


    Wahl Hoof Pick

  • Lincoln Applicator Brush and Container