# Horse Trimming and Plaiting Essentials for the Perfect Trim and Plaits #

Plaiting and Trimming

The purpose of plaiting a mane and tail is to make him look more elegant and tidy in the show ring - showing off his neck. Plaiting the mane also has the advantage of keeping it out of the way of the reins.
Many riders have turned plaiting their horses' manes and tails into an art form, but one doesn't have to be overly adept to achieve basic plaiting successfully. There are many tutorials on the internet - both in graphic and video form - that can help you learn the skill.
We have a full range of equipment available encompassing everything you need to turn your horse out in fine plaited style, including plaiting bands, trimmers, scissors, thread, thinners and combs.

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  • Cottage Craft

    Aluminium Mane Comb - Large

  • Smart Grooming

    Horse Shave - 2 Pack

  • Hy

    Hy Perfect Plaits Plaiting Comb and Clip

    £4.51 - £5.00
  • Lincoln Plaiting Bands black, brown and white


    Lincoln Plaiting Bands