General Health

Horses usually need various supplements - such as vitamins, minerals or extra protein - in addition to their natural diet of forage and grain.
Horses that take part in strenuous work and activities are particularly likely to require supplements added to their rations to make up for the depletion of their nutrient levels due to the high pressure performance required.
Supplements also benefit horses with health problems, such as weak hoofs, or those that graze in a poor environment.
We have a full range of equine supplements in stock for a variety of purposes and dietary deficiencies.

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  • Animal Health Company

    Animal Health Haemoboost Liquid

    £19.95 - £58.80
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    Animalife Vetrofen Healthy

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  • Baileys

    Baileys Garlic Supplement

    £13.16 - £48.80
  • Barrier Healthcare

    Barrier Aloe Vera Juice - All Sizes

    £8.50 - £69.50
  • Brinicombe Equine

    Brinicombe Think Complete Vitamin & Minerals

    £20.45 - £41.55
  • Brinicombe Equine

    Brinicombe Think Conditioner - 20kg

  • Charnwood Micronised Linseed - 20kg
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    Charnwood Milling

    Charnwood Micronised Linseed - 20kg

  • Clop

    Clop Garlic Liquid - 1 litre

  • Clop

    CLOP Vitamin and Mineral Supplements - All Sizes

    £11.52 - £108.42