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Digestive Health

The health of your horse depends largely on the state of his digestive system. Horses in the wild will naturally graze peacefully for around 18 hours a day, using little energy, suffering low stress and feeding the gastrointestinal tract almost constantly.
Our modern working horses, however, have a very different lifestyle. Many are stalled for long periods, fed only two or three meals a day, and are exercised vigorously.
To compensate for what is an unnatural lifestyle, we need to support the horse's digestive system to cope, ensuring optimal nutritional absorption and the maintenance of proper weight and a healthy appetite.
If the horse's digestive system is not healthy, it can affect things like the ability to bend or extend, the condition of the coat and result in behavioural problems like girthiness or stall biting.
To ensure gut wellness and keep your horse happy from the inside out, use the tried and trusted digestive health supplements we stock and recommend.

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