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Pelhams & Kimblewicks

If you're seeking to buy a Pelham or Kimblewick horse bit we can offer you a wide selection of styles and designs.

The Pelham is particularly popular, incorporating the elements of both a curb and snaffle bit and working similarly to a double bridle with its dual reins. Giving the effect of a double bridle with one mouthpiece, it is particularly useful in polo and for driving.

The Kimblewick is regarded as rather unconventional with its bit shanks, d-rings and curb chain. It has a mild curb action and is used with one set of reins, usually for ponies.

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  • Feeling Hard Rubber Ported Pelham
  • Cottage Craft Pelham with Lozenge

    Cottage Craft

    Cottage Craft Pelham with Lozenge

  • Dever Slotted Jointed Kimblewick
  • Lorina Flexi Mullen Mouth Pelham
  • French Link Pelham


    French Link Pelham

  • Neue Schule Warmblood Show Pelham (80287SHP)
  • Shires Pelham with Copper Lozenge
  • Cambridge Rugby Pelhams


    Cambridge Rugby Pelhams

    £37.53 - £39.99
  • Shires Sweet Iron Pelham with Copper Lozenge (523)
  • Neue Schule Slimma Show Pelham (80157SHP)
  • Neue Schule Tranz Lozenge Pelham (80237P)
  • Neue Schule Waterford Pelham (80297P)