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In Hand Bits & Hackamores

Bitless bridles have their place in the equestrian world, using a noseband or cavesson to control the animal. Hackamores are the most common type of bitless headgear, working on pressure points on the face, nose and chin.

Hackamores can be used in show jumping and stadium eventing, and are useful particularly for young horses and animals with mouth, tongue or dental issues which would be exacerbated by a bit.

Hackamores are not necessarily more gentle than a bit; they need to fit well and be appropriately used to avoid causing pain and damage to the horse's nose and jaw.

Buy from our selection of tried and tested hackamores, as well as a range of in hand bits for showing off "stars" of all classes.

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  • Rhinegold

    Horseshoe Stallion Bit

  • Lorina

    Nylon In Hand Snaffles - Brass Rings

    £9.99 - £10.00