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Fly Rugs

Fly rugs are an essential piece of summer equipment. Any horse or pony that lives out in the Summer will, at one time or another, benefit from a fly rug.

Fly rugs come in different materials and styles, from a simple mesh sheet to a complete, all in one, rug that covers nearly the entire body, so when you buy a fly rug you should be clear what type of rug you want for your horse.

For a horse or pony that suffers from Sweet Itch a quality fly or sweet itch rug is an essential part of any wardrobe. Ideally a very fine mesh or 600 denier type material is required to keep the midges out. A simple mesh fly rug can let the midges through, which when trapped against the skin can cause serious discomfort.

Some fly rugs also block UV rays, a must if the horse or pony has pink skin and also important to prevent the sun bleaching the coats of show horses and ponies

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  • Shires Tempest Zeb-Tek Zebra Fly Rugs
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  • Le Mieux Gladiator Mesh Fly Boots
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    Shires Tempest Fly Rug - White

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  • Shires Tempest Sweet Itch Rug - White