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Poultice Essentials

All horses require treatment with hoof poultices at some time or other. Medicated poultices and soaking are used to treat various common foot ailments like abscesses, puncture wounds, corns, bruising and laminitis.
Poultices usually require to be applied to the foot and left in place for several hours, particularly in the case of an abscess, so protection is necessary while the poultice does its work. Poultices are usually held in place with a bandage, ideally topped off with a poultice hoof boot to keep it clean and in place while it does its work.
Poultice boots come in various versions from a simple canvas version with a re-inforced sole to high tech therapy boots equivalent to top of the range human "trainers".

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  • Equine America Blackdraw - Hoof Poultice

    Equine America

    Equine America Blackdraw - 400g

  • Equus Health

    Equus Health Epsom Salts

    £4.50 - £7.00
  • Hoof It

    Hoof It Canvas Poultice Boot

    £12.51 - £14.60