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Exercise Sheets

You may choose to dress your horse in an exercise sheet while working, in which case there is a range of options available to choose from, depending on the purpose of the sheeting and the work the horse is doing.
Cut-away shoulders, for example, are a good feature for a lunge exercise sheet, while if you are using a sheet for event warming up and cooling down it is useful to have one with a saddle cut-out, so as not to have to untack to rug up.
Waterproof exercise sheets in fluorescent colours are a good safety measure while riding out in all weathers.
Exercise sheets with a fleece lining can do duty as a cooler by wicking moisture away from the body of a sweating horse.

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    Equisafety Polite Waterproof Exercise Sheets

    £48.49 - £59.50
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    Shires Continental Exercise Sheets

    £39.99 - £44.99