Saddle Cloths

Saddlecloths are usually quilted, providing protection between horse and saddle, generally favoured in competition because they have less bulk than thicker saddle-pads or numnahs.
Some saddlecloths are shaped to conform to the line of the horse's back, and there are special saddlecloths to cater for high withers.
Materials for saddlecloths vary, but all are designed to ensure maximum moisture absorption in the lining, with non-slip properties such as honey-combed waffling or bamboo fibres and strengthened girth strap protection to aid stability of the both Jumping and Dressage saddles.

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  • KM Elite

    KM Elite Close Contact Cotton Square

    £33.00 - £35.00
  • KM Elite

    KM Elite Cotton Dressage Squares

    £33.00 - £35.00
  • KM Elite Front Rolled Close Contact Square white
  • Le Mieux Carbon Mesh Close Contact Half Squares navy
  • Le Mieux Carbon Mesh Dressage Squares white