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Body Care

A sleek happy, healthy horse with flowing mane and glossy coat is not the product of a quick grooming session, but the reward for ongoing, regular care and attention, encompassing all areas from diet to coat and skin care.
We have a vast store of grooming, bathing, skin care and topical treatment products to help the horse owner cater for every eventuality as the seasons and environment bring different challenges to horse health.
Summer, for example, is the time to invest in insect repellents to ward off flies and parasites. In dry weather you may notice the horse rubbing various parts of his body repeatedly, which requires the application of moisturising lotions.
After exercise sweat needs to be removed, and of course daily grooming and currying is of paramount importance.
We have endeavoured to put together a range of products that include natural ingredients, from shampoos to coat treatments, detanglers to sunblock, that will keep your horse in peak body condition.

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  • Absorbine

    Absorbine ShowSheen Hair Polish - All Sizes

    £14.44 - £40.00