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Male Rider

Not so long ago horse-riding for sport was predominantly restricted to men, and horses were a tool used by men when they went to war.
Nowadays, however, the tide has turned and according to statistics nearly 80% of riders are women. Modern-day equestrian sports are one of the few arenas where men and women compete against each other on an equal footing at all levels.
Obviously, despite equality in the saddle, there are some physiological differences that have to be catered for suit male riders when it comes to riding wear and certain equipment.
We have put together a collection of smart, top-branded equestrian clothing, including boots, jodhpurs, and breeches, together with a full range of accessories, to ensure that men ride out in style.

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  • Airowear

    Airowear Body Base Layers

    £32.00 - £37.00
  • Atak Sports

    Atak Men's Compression Tights

  • JHL

    Boot Pulls

  • Borstiq

    Borstiq Bootjack Beetle

  • Caldene Keepers Tweed Jackets - Mens front


    Caldene Keepers Tweed Jackets - Mens

  • Quick view
  • Equisafety Carl Hester Giorgione Waterproof Jacket front view