# Best Sweet Itch and Skin Supplements for horses | Equine supplements #

Skin and Sweet Itch

All sorts of things, from seasonal irritations to a weak immune system, can result in troublesome, uncomfortable skin conditions in horses.
One of the most common skin ailments is Sweet Itch (pruritus), which if not treated timeously can lead to the horse damaging itself with biting, rubbing or scratching, and in severe cases refusing to tolerate tack or a rider.
An itchy skin has various causes, from lice and midges to infections and allergies.
In our quest to keep horses happy we have sourced a selection of supplements in syrup or powder form from top equine manufacturers to make sure your horse does not suffer the unpleasant and ugly consequences of skin disease and damage.

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  • Brinicombe Equine

    Brinicombe Think Fly Granules - All Sizes

    £34.76 - £102.26
  • Brinicombe Equine

    Brinicombe Think Itch Supplement

    £42.25 - £82.77
  • Dodson and Horrell

    Dodson and Horrell Itch Free - 1kg

  • Equus Health

    Equus Health Pure MSM Powder - All Sizes

    £7.00 - £21.00
  • Equus Health

    Equus Health Super Skin - 2kg

  • Freestep

    Freestep Free Itch Powder

    £35.01 - £52.41
  • Global Herbs

    Global Herbs Fly Free Powder

    £14.00 - £118.00
  • Global Herbs

    Global Herbs Mud X Powder - All Sizes

    £26.40 - £47.50
  • Global Herbs

    Global Herbs Sarc Ex Powder - All Sizes

    £35.00 - £157.50