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Stable Toys

As we equine owners all know, horses and ponies are very intelligent animals, and just like us they do not enjoy being left alone and unoccupied for long periods of time.
Stable toys can enrich your horse's life and relieve his boredom, keeping him entertained and engaged and perhaps preventing bad habits like biting or cribbing.
Besides mental stimulation stable toys also encourage horses to move around, which is important for their well-being.
You can enjoy taking your pick from our carefully selected toy range, and put some fun into your horse's life.

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  • Bizzy Bites

    Bizzy Bites Stable Toy Lick Refills - All Flavours

    £7.99 - £8.00
  • Bizzy Bites

    Bizzy Bites Stable Toy Wall Brackets

  • Horsemens Pride

    Jolly Apple Horse Toy

  • Likit

    Likit Lick Holders