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Hoof Health

Dry hooves are a common problem with horses - caused mainly by too much moisture. Horses standing in wet pasture will suffer with dry hooves (just like human skin wrinkles if immersed too long).
A sure sign of dry hooves is the appearance of a white, chalk-like substance around the coronet, and, in more serious cases, vertical cracking and chipping at the bottom of the hoof wall.
The remedy is to treat with hoof oil - but not just any old oil! We stock a range of specially formulated products to counteract dry hooves, not only designed to replenish lost moisture but also to protect against wetness in the environment.
The natural moisture balance of the hooves will be restored after hoof oil treatment and ensuring the horse does not stand on wet ground for too long. Browse through our complete collection of horse hoof health care products and supplements to maintain healthy hooves.

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  • Equine Products Hygiene Spray - 200ml
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  • Equine Products Hoof Health Spray - 600ml
  • Equine Products Farriers Friend Hoof Oil - All Sizes

    Equine Products

    Equine Products Farriers Friend Hoof Oil - All Sizes

    £17.62 - £165.25
  •  NAF ProFeet Farrier Solution - 500ml
  • NAF ProFeet Farrier Hoof Dressing - 2.5 Litres
  • Red Horse Winter Care Kit

    Red Horse Products

    Red Horse Winter Care Kit

  • Lincoln Classic Hoof Oil with Brush - 500ml
  • Lillidale Hoof Balm - 400g
  • Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution

    Kevin Bacon

    Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution

  • Lincoln Hoof Klense Disinfectant - 500ml
  • Lincoln Eucalyptus Hoof & Sole Dressing - 1 Litre
  • Lincoln 'Hydra Hoof' Hoof Cream - All Colours