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Travel Boots & Tailguards

When preparing your horse for going out and about there are two areas that merit particular attention - the legs and the tail.
Before travelling you need to ensure your horse's legs are protected - from above the knee or hock to the coronet band - to avoid damage from bumps or the hooves of a fellow traveller.
While it is possible to bandage the legs, this is not ideal (unless it is done expertly) because bandages can unravel in transit and become a hazard. The modern and the best trend is to fit travelling boots which are quick and easy to put on, and comfortable for the horse.
Another vulnerable area while being trailered is the horse's "dock" - the bony plate at the start of the tail - which can be rubbed and abraded when the animal leans. A tail guard protects and secures the tail, and, like travel boots, is quick and easy to fit.

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