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Horse Treats

We all enjoy a treat, and so do horses! Treating him now and then is a reward for training or hard work, a way of showing our love and appreciation, or just to make ourselves feel good!
You can treat your deserving horse with fresh fruit and veg, but as in all things, moderation is the key because you don't want to upset his balanced diet or give him anything that might not be natural, causing him digestive upsets.
Commercially made treats, specially formulated to complement your horse's diet, are easy to store and transport. Feeding your horse the occasional carefully prepared treat will not only make him happy, but leave you confident that you are not giving him anything unhealthy or damaging.
Choose from our range of safe and tasty treats to let your horse know how much you care.

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  • Silvermoor Treatsies - Calming Chamomile Horse Treats
  • Silvermoor Treatsies - Brilliant Beetroot Horse Treats
  • Silvermoor Swingers Horse Ball Treats - grass

    Silvermoor Haylage

    Silvermoor Swingers Horse Ball Treats - 1kg

    £3.97 - £4.47
  • Silvermoor Swinger Rope Kits

    Silvermoor Haylage

    Silvermoor Swinger Rope Kits

  • Silvermoor Treatsies - Turmeric - 1kg

    Silvermoor Haylage

    Silvermoor Treatsies - Turmeric - 1kg

  • Thelwell Advent Calendar
  • Likit Starter Set clear glitter


    Likit Starter Set

  • Baileys Tasty Treats 750g bag
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    Baileys Tasty Treats

  • Lincoln Vegi-Bites Horse Treats - 1kg
  • Stud Muffin Celebration Cakes
  • Hy Little Rider Unicorn Treats - 100g
  • Lincoln Horse Bix Horse Treats -  1kg