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Rugs for Horses:  You may well find our large choice of horse rugs rather daunting at first glance. Never fear, because we have categorised the rugs for sale to help you zero in on the right rug to buy.

It's important to decide first and foremost what purpose you require a rug for, because there are a variety of different weights, shapes and sizes of rugs available. It is just as bad for a horse to sweat under a rug that is too heavy or thick as it is for him to have too little protection.

Ideally a well-dressed horse needs a wardrobe of rugs to suit appropriate conditions.

In cold winter weather, for example thick turnout rugs will keep particularly clipped horses comfortable. Stable rugs in different weights are advisable for stabled animals in winter because, being sedentary, they are probably colder than turned out horses who are able to move around.

Cooler rugs are highly recommended after the horse has been vigorously exercised, designed to wick moisture away from the skin.

Lightweight fleece rugs come in pretty patterns and colours, but are also very useful and versatile in all sorts of situations, while exercise sheets are great for winter warm-ups.

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  • Equi Cool Down Equine Neck Wrap - One Size
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  • Equi Cool Down Deluxe Equine Body Wrap
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  • Equi Cool Down Equine Body Wrap - One Size
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  • Hy StormX Merry Go Round 200g Combo Turnout Rug - Grey/Pink
  • Le Mieux Gladiator Mesh Fly Boots
  • Hy StormX 200g Turnout Rug  & Detachable Neck - Purple
  • Hy StormX 200g Turnout Rug Combo - Stirrup & Bit
  • Hy StormX Original Mesh Cooler Rug - Navy
  • Hy DefenceX Summer Sheet with Detachable Neck
  • Hy StormX Gladiator Fly Rug with Neck
  • Hy StormX Warrior Fly Rug with Detachable Neck
  • Hy StormX Zebra Fly Rug with Neck