Muzzles & Masks

In our quest to promote a world full of happy, healthy horses our online store would not be complete without offering a range of high quality, good fitting fly masks and muzzles to combat two threats to the comfort of our four-legged friends - irritating insects and overeating.
The summer months can be particularly tough on horses because they are inevitably bothered by flies and midges in warm weather, which can irritate their eyes.  The answer (in addition to using fly repellents which are listed in 'Health and Supplements' section) is to fit your horse, when riding, with a face fly mask, nose net, fly veil or fly fringe from a good manufacturer.
Fit is very important when choosing a fly mask, particularly a full-fitting mask with ears and nose-piece. Make sure the mask does not touch or rub against the horse's eyes or eyelashes, that the fabric is not abrasive, and that it is padded around the nose and brow so as not to chafe.
Grazing muzzles are necessary for horses who are inclined to become overweight, restricting their grass intake by up to 75%. Obesity puts horses at risk of laminitis.

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    Woof Wear Ride On Fly Mask

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